Angel Message from Archangel Nathaniel, the Archangel of Life Purpose 6/13/2010

June 13, 2010

“Hold on tight to your dreams and goals. If you have asked for my help, you are on the way to seeing them manifest. If you have not asked me yet, do so now and we will create them together for your highest good. But remember, if you do ask me for help, think big. My team and I like a challenge. It gives us a chance to prove to you miracles do come true and it is the most fun all of us can have in making change happen.”– Archangel Nathaniel, the Archangel of Life Purpose

Please share as you feel guided.

Many Blessings
Lisa C. Beachy
Angel & Spiritual Intuitive
Reiki & Adv. Theta Healer
Connecting you with your Spiritual Team

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  1. Angel of fire, my life is not progressing, I’m working but I can’t save even a rand, I’m deep fincial debts ofwhich I don’t know how am I going to come out of this.
    I stay in a rented room, everything I wish for but all doesn’t come right, please God help me, I would love to do good things for my family and myself and praise the Lord with hope and joy.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Can you please ask the Archangels what is my life path. So much has happened to me at times I some times dont know where I am going. Many blessing to you Thanks Caty

  3. Dear Archangel Nathaniel,

    Please help me to achieve my life’s purpose, I’m working so hard and feel so tired and lacking in energy. My car is nearly 10 years old and on its lasts legs or wheels, my finances are sparce and never have any money left at the end of the month. I always seems to be borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. The house we are renting is freezing cold and I am just fed up of my lot.

    I want to run a successful chain of businesses including an employment agency providing home care/help packages and domestic workers and English Tea Shops with Exclusive Gift Shops, so that I may provide for all my family all the things that will make them comfortable and happy and will never be short of money again. To own a good sized house with an enclosed garden so that my little girl will be safe on private land, a new car and a decent holiday every year. Most importantly, a good honest, reliable man who will love and care for me and my daughter.

    You said make it big, please help me. Love and Blessings Julia xx

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